Des news (peut être) du futur d'AsE?

  • Je vous est copié le texte des recompense pour le championnats du monde D'imperial Assault, et on peut constater que le Grand Amiral Thrawn avec Rex apparait sur les tapis de jeu offert au vainqueur ainsi que sur un compteur de point avec des Death Troopers!!! des chances d'avoir quelque chose autour de lui dans une nouvelle extension? centré sur la série "Rebels" qui a remis le Grand Amiral dans le canon Star wars?

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    *At the top tiers of competition, Imperial Assault skirmishes are full of clever tactics, Force powers, and dramatic turns—all compressed into fast-paced battles fought with one eye turned toward your opponent and the other focused clearly on the points available through objectives.

    Of course, there is no higher tier of competition than the one you'll find at the 2018 Imperial Assault World Championships, and the available prizes represent a little bit of everything that make this game great!


    In addition to the World Championship Card Binder and pack of 100 World Championship card sleeves, each Imperial Assault participant receives a black Star Wars: Imperial Assault 2018 World Championship t-shirt, ten Prize Tickets, and an alternate art version of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight .

    The Force is strong with this version of Luke Skywalker, and his art exudes the confidence that comes with his abilities. No longer just a farm boy from Tatooine, this Jedi Knight can deflect incoming blaster fire with his green lightsaber, cut through enemy armor, and take the fight straight to the enemy—often dispatching multiple foes in a single activation.

    Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight was the top Force User at last year's World Championships, and while Darth Vader has been on a rampage lately with his new Driven by Hatred upgrade, this bold and confident version of Luke may still be the light side's greatest hope in a confrontation with the Dark Lord of the Sith!

    Prize Wall

    This year's prize wall will feature a number of cards and prize items that have formerly appeared in previous Organized Play kits. It will also feature a custom victory point dial—one that might make your march to forty points feel entirely calculated and inevitable.

    Featuring art of Grand Admiral Thrawn posing proudly before a trio of Death Troopers, this dial reminds us that we need to enter our games with a winning plan. Take the time to study your opponent, execute your plan, and allow your opponent to win some minor victories—your goal is to win the war… and the game!


    Status Tokens

    Every player who manages to win at least three games in the Imperial Assault World Championships will earn a set of five status tokens—Hidden, Bleed, Stun, Focus, and Weaken. These eye-catching tokens feature black print on mirrored silver or gold acrylic and add new joys to your beneficial conditions, even while taking some of the sting out of the negative ones.

    Each player with a record of 4-2 will earn a single set, players can earn two sets of these tokens by managing to go 5-1 on Day 1, or claim three full sets by conquering the field at 6-0.

    These tokens will also be available on the prize wall.

    Top 32

    The Top 32 players in the Imperial Assault World Championships will claim a set of twelve custom dice—two of each color: blue, red, yellow, green, white, and black. Each die mixes its base color with a distinctive silver swirl.

    Top 16

    Just like the heroes of the Battle of Yavin IV, each of the Top 16 participants in the Imperial Assault World Championships will receive a stunning commemorative medallion.

    Top 8

    To fight your way to the Top 8 of the Imperial Assault World Championships, you'll need a solid strategy—one that balances your efforts toward attack, defense, and objective points. You'll need a keen and discerning eye, so that you can spot your opponent's moments of weakness. And once you spy that crack in your opponent's armor, you'll need to commit to your attack.

    Above it all, though, you'll need a capable army—one that provides a flexible assortment of speed, resilience, firepower, and sheer numbers. Showing up with a strong army won't guarantee you a win, but showing up with a weak army will almost certainly lead to a loss.

    Accordingly, you can be fairly certain that every player in the Top 8 has an army worth showing off, and each of these Top 8 players will be happy to arrange their armies atop the Top 8 playmat—a long and narrow playmat designed to hold your deployment cards and tokens neatly alongside your edge of the play surface.

    Functional and stylish, this Top 8 playmat features a shot of the Coruscant skyline, as depicted on the Heart of the Empire expansion.

    Top 4

    Players who make the Top 4 at the Imperial Assault World Championships should be proud of their accomplishments—perhaps as proud as Grand Admiral Thrawn appears on the art print the players will receive.

    This print features the same art piece as the custom point dial that the players will have already won for making the Top 32, but here you'll see the full piece and in vivid color. Frame this print and place it on your wall, or find some other way to display it. But you will want to display it—because this art work, created by Adam Schumpert, offers a vision of the Grand Admiral that fully resonates with his reputation as a shrewd tactical genius.


    In addition to everything else he or she wins over the course of the Imperial Assault World Championships, the 2018 World Championship Runner-Up claims a Finalist plaque with artwork of a combat-ready Ahsoka Tano.

    As a padawan, she fought in the Clone Wars. As an intelligence operative, she was crucial to the maturation of the fledgling Rebellion. And as a Rebel leader, she inspired all those around her and saved two of her friends from near-certain death at the hands of Darth Vader.

    A skilled warrior, a cunning operative, and an inspiring leader—it's only fitting that Ahsoka Tano should decorate the Finalist plaque, wielding her twin lightsabers and poised to strike!


    To become Imperial Assault World Champion, you need to envision the battle from multiple angles. You need to see your opponent's battle plan as clearly as your own.

    Accordingly, in addition to the World Champion trophy and all the other prizes the 2018 Imperial Assault World Champion will have already won, he or she claims a flight, hotel room, free seat, and companion seat for the 2019 World Championship—as well as a unique, one-of-a-kind playmat that features veteran soldier Captain Rex on one side and master tactician Grand Admiral Thrawn on the other. The mat's center remains open—waiting for you to place your tiles and build your map.

    Tagged with the 2018 World Championships logo and proudly declaring that you are the "World Champion," this mat isn't just a play surface; it's a statement. You are a force to be feared.*


    Finally, the World Champion wins The Greatest Prize in Gaming, a chance to interact with the game's developers to inspire the design of a future card… and with all the tactical surprises you can pack into a game of Imperial Assault, the possibilities are nearly endless!

  • @darkvanvan ho hoooo, ils viennent de poster sur facebook qu'ils ont dû retirer larticle...peut etre que l'info est sortie trop tôt?

  • Je suis un chasseur de scoop 😉 cool si c'est ça, ça confirme l'annonce prochaine des nouvelles extensions!!

  • Miam 😛 , Thrawn et Rex ! on peut peut être espirer un nouvelle vague in coming 😄

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    Ça sent le spoil involontaire ! On peut donc déjà parier sur une vague saison 4 de Rebels avec Thrawn, Rex, Death Troopers et il ne manquera que Sabine, Zeb, Kanan et Ezra !

  • ça fait plaisir un peut de nouveauté avec légion j'ai eu un peut peur 😉

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    Sabine : j’en rêve 😍

  • Rebels, alors ce sera sans moi.

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    Je m'inquiète peu de l'avenir d'AsE.
    Un sondage auquel à répondu uniquement 3506 personnes :
    Quel est votre jeu Star Wars préféré de FFG ?
    16% destiny
    18% Armada
    28% AsE
    37% X-Wing

    Un assez bon %

  • Joueurs sur Bordeaux et Environs

    @ender a dit dans Des news (peut être) du futur d'AsE? :

    Je m'inquiète peu de l'avenir d'AsE.
    Un sondage auquel à répondu uniquement 3506 personnes :
    Quel est votre jeu Star Wars préféré de FFG ?
    16% destiny
    18% Armada
    28% AsE
    37% X-Wing

    Un assez bon %

    C est super

  • @dz a dit dans Des news (peut être) du futur d'AsE? :

    Rebels, alors ce sera sans moi.

    La même pour moi, j aime pas le style, par contre j aurai bien aimé voir les héros du 7 plus tard ( Kylo, Rey ...)

  • Ils ont remis en ligne l'article sur les prix du championnats avec les meme photo de Thrawn et des Death troopers....
    Sinon, rebels est vraiment une chouette série, et de toute façon, si on a des nouvelles extension, c'est cool, non?

  • @lanteglas a dit dans Des news (peut être) du futur d'AsE? :

    @dz a dit dans Des news (peut être) du futur d'AsE? :

    Rebels, alors ce sera sans moi.

    La même pour moi, j aime pas le style, par contre j aurai bien aimé voir les héros du 7 plus tard ( Kylo, Rey ...)

    Pareil, nouvelle trilogie ou Rogue One je signe tout de suite. En attendant je vais faire une grosse pause dans ASE et me tourner vers d'autres jeux.

  • Ce post (celui de ffg) c'est un peu comme le marc au fond d'une tasse de café, chacun y voit ce qu'il veut (hors annonce officielle de la rencontre internationale)...